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Small Business in the Work World.

Rather then calling meetings to the board room it is a matter of yelling down the hall to a colleague to get their input on a question. Or simply taking a few steps to cover the entire office to call a staff meeting. We can all fit in one room for meetings and lunch. In celebrating everyones birthday we don’t even hit every month of the year. 

Small business can be appealing. In the accounting realm it allows staff to be full circle on a file. To see the bookkeeping part of a file right though to the financial statements and income tax returns. This is empowering to staff and engages them to learn all components of a file. It allows contact of each staff with clients and works to build a quality customer service with clients at all levels of the firm. 

In small business we create networks of strategic partners that can assist in meeting the needs of our clients.

Regardless of the size off a business, you need to have a clear vision of what you want your business to achieve. In addition to a business plan, list out objectives to accomplish to make your business successful. This plan normally has long and short term goals that should be assessed periodically. 

Success can be found in maintaining enthusiasm for the future. Maintaining drive to improve coupled with an openness and willingness to change in order to achieve that end goal.