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Small Business

More help for small and medium enterprises in Alberta

The Government of Alberta has announced a Relaunch Grant that offers financial assistance to Alberta businesses, cooperatives, and non-profit organizations.  The program provides funding to organizations that saw a revenue reduction as a result of closures or reduced operations due to COVID-19.

The program offers 2 payments to eligible applicants, with up to $20,000 in available funding per eligible application.

To qualify applicants are required to demonstrate a revenue reduction of at least 30% in April and/or May 2020 as a result of COVID-19 public health orders.

Applications for the first and second payment are open. Application intake will remain open until March 31, 2021.

All applications must be submitted through the online application portal.

All applications and corresponding grants are subject to a potential audit by the Government of Alberta, or their authorized representatives, upon reasonable notice to the recipient.

For more detailed information see the Government of Alberta Website.